Tuesday, October 5, 2010


well, as you can see I'm off to my usual standard of blogging.  Start off ok and then forget to do anything after a while.

So whats happened since the last post.

ok so Putrah was 1/2 way through level 45, hes now level 68.  Haven't done to much on him recently except to try and level his herbing, as the Call to Arms have been in the next bracket. My 1st AV I managed to get these

I thought blizzard had fixed this from happening :( (originally we had 7, everyone else left)
 Why do people do this? we don't even have 1 tower yet.

While this is going on I've started another alt, a warlock who is currently level 21. Welcome Bryndwr http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dath%27Remar&cn=bryndwr
In my first WSG I got these achieves

wasn't expecting to get those at all.

Yesterday while I was home sick I managed to do some of the low level dungeons, I never did them on rynaa so it was quite an experience.

Not much else to say at the moment.  I'll try and be a bit more diligent and update more frequently.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Warning: contains math

So, it's been a while since my last update.  I'd like to say this is a change, but it is probably going to be more the case than not.

I will get some screenshots in for my next post (got lots ready just need to transfer them) but I'm going to write about leveling through the bg's and the experience gain.

So I've been leveling Putrah just through running bg's.  He;s now halfway through 45, and I thought the WSG was getting me the best gains in xp.  After last night though, I'm not so sure anymore

So here's the deal:
Time played last night = 145mins or 2 hours 25 minutes.  (I rounded this to 2 1/2 hours for easy of calculations)
Total xp gained = 38907
So working it out  38907/2.5 = 15562xp an hour

Note: there is 1 win from AB which I am mostly discounting, due to how we won (server crashed and alliance logged back on quicker, and to compare losses to losses)

AB matches = 6, for 1 win and 5 losses. XP gained 33685 (the 1 win netted me 10728xp)
for the losses it was a total of 22957xp
time played = 95mins total (84mins not including the win)

WSG matches = 2, both 3-0 losses. XP gained 5382
time played = 50mins

So to break it down further
Average XP from AB loss = 4591
Average Time for AB loss = 17mins

Average XP from WSG loss = 2691
Average Time for WSG loss - 25mins

So based on these numbers, it seems more advantageous to me to keep playing AB even if we are losing, due to shorter time, and almost double the xp.

I know it is a short set of numbers however, I will be continuing to gather more data and make some follow up posts based on those results.  Hopefully it will include more wins :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A raider? Me?

Well, it's been some week for me on both the warrior and rogue.

I finally got into a 10 man raid of ICC with some guildies who have been running it for a while.
7/12 now, and we had to skip the plague area due to the dogs being linked together.  So when we tried pulling 1, the other jumped in as well.  Even if we tried to drag the first down the stairs and away, the 2nd just jumped on us.  So after 3 or 4 attempts in there, we gave up and carried on into the next wing.

here is a screenie for you

I managed 3 upgrades on this run also they were
Saurfangs Cold-forged Band
and also the honored ring of the ashen peoples. 

The next time I was on, I managed to get into a For the Alliance run, I've always wanted to do one for these so I could get rid of my black elekk

I am successful :)  so a black war bear for running around PvP'ing on

Finally our weekly raid is Sarth so I managed to join a group for this ( I got the patchwork one for the previous weekly, I only started playing last March/April, so never been through Naxx)

everyone in the raid died, that last person 1 sec after downing the boss

Here is a random shot of my UI during the ICC raid

Finally onto the rogue and what he's been upto this week.
Mostly I was just running around in WSG to get up to level 20 and try to get a couple of achievements. One of which was Ironman, the other was wrecking ball.  Both achieves that I haven't managed to get on Rynaa

As you can see I managed to get 1 of the 2

And then the weird one, was in another WSG and then as soon as the flags were available, a warlock grabbed it and then it was capped, all before I could run out of the tunnel (with the speed boost)
As you can see from the screenshot, it was all over in 3 mins, so I'm not sure what they were doing, but it is a huge bug in my opinion

Looking forward to running ICC 10 again this Friday, and making it a permanent commitment for me.

everyone out there have fun

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PvP, it's the way for me

Well, Putrah is now a level 18 (and a half) rogue, who gained the last 2 levels almost exclusively through the BG system.
I've always been a keen PvP player, however I never really enjoyed Warsong Gulch (WSG) until now.
After entering in at level 16 and seeing the amount of xp you can gain in 1 winning battle (660xp alone for having the flag capped, I'm totally hooked onto using this to level through the medium to late stages of each bracket.

Here are the achievements that I managed to get yesterday

Also a couple of random pics of Putrah as he is now

Friday, May 14, 2010

Change is afoot

Well, having so far not played mightyreds at all recently, I've decided it is time for a change.

If I was organised, I'd have a screen shot of my new character, the gnome rogue Putrah.
heres a link for you to follow if your really interested putrah
Only played him for 1 night so far, but really enjoying it, much more so than leveling a priest.

So the blog is changing from being about leveling a shadow priest to leveling a rogue, hopefully as I'm having fun with this, it will mean a lot more posts incoming

Goodluck to all out there

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

filler post is filler

yeah, so not much happening here yet.

Mostly this is due to the fact that I haven't played mightyreds at all recently
This is due to a number of things, going on holiday and having no access to WoW, PvP on my warrior (and loving it) and now I'm in an arena team.

Have only played the first 10 matches, but we won 3 which I think is good for a n00b like me, and also playing teams that were rated 1300 due to my partners ratings in the 2's arena.
Looking forward to playing some more and hopefully getting better gear to help out the process.

The new random battleground feature is great for PvP, although I have noticed a tendancy to get AB and EotS so far, but it is new and shiny for me, and so much quicker to get into than a Random Dungeon.

next up I need to set up Gladius for the arena comp, and figure out what macros I need for it

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No priest news, but Warrior news instead

Well, so far I haven't managed to play with mightyreds any more than she already is.  One of the main reasons for this is that I want to get Rynaa up to champion status so I can purchase the heirloom chest piece.
However, I hate the tournament daily's.  It is just so grindy, and repetitive and after getting 3 factions up to the required level, I still have 1 1/2 to go.  Which should only be 7 or 8 days worth, but I just can't be bothered.

So last night, I logged on with Rynaa and did my heroic daily, then joined the queue for a few different raids.
Now as a casual player, I haven't done a lot of raiding, I've done some of the weekly raid quests, but not many yet.  This week our weekly on Dath'Remar is Lord Morrowgar.
I was looking forward to this so I could get into and see some of the new raid in ICC. Then it was just waiting and waiting to find someone who was wanting a group for this and wasn't wanting gearscore and achievements (I have no interest in gearscore, I have no idea what mine is and don't think I will unless someone explicitly tells me)

So after about 1/2 an hour I managed to get into a 10 man raid,  I flew out to the citadel and was waiting out there with a couple of others in the raid, just need 1 more healer and were good to go.
And I disconnect from the server, try to reconnect and it takes about 5 mins, and I'm disconnected before I can even get to the loading screen.
Restart my router, sign in again, finally get back in ... and I've been kicked from the raid.

So that was pretty much my night, I joined the LFR queues again, and kept looking at trade for groups but nothing come up in the next hour that I was on :(  oh well, hopefully I can get a group on Friday for it.

Here are some screenshots from Rynaa last week
My first (and so far only look at Toravon) I think it's the first time I've managed top 10 DPS in a 25 man raid

Finally got around to doing battle for the undercity, loving me some bladestorm

some glitch to get this easily, didn't realise you could cheat it like this
Finally got to 10, still got 2 to go for the 5 exalted alliance

Hope that everyone has a great time, until next time

Monday, February 1, 2010

so a week has passed

almost anyway, and I haven't really played much at all.

Had some illness in the family which curtailed that amount of time that I could play, however I have managed to get to level 12 as of last night.
So far not much happening, just continuing with my "rotation".
I did manage to get an authenticator and so have now got another pet :) to make 2 for my collection. 

Hopefully this will get more interesting as I go along, I should be able to start PVP soon, and also doing some instances, so I should get some stories from that.

till the next (infrequent) update

at level 8 and having equipped my heirloom gear

level 11 got some gloves and a new cloak.

Here is a pic of my current UI, not sure how long it will stay like this, really loving tourguide as a leveling addon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finallly started

So this is my new priest, who eventually will be shadow.  Meet Mightyreds

Mightyreds is now a level 7 priest, I forgot how easy it was to level at this early stage

these are the most current screenshots I have, however I managed to get to a mailbox and have now equipped some heirloom gears to help the process along even faster, hopefully in the next update I will have some screenies of that outfit.

I only managed to play about an hour with her as I've still been building things up for my warrior, hopefully this will change as I get more and more into playing the priest

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My first WoW Blog post

I decided that when I created a new alt, that I would blog about my experiences with them.
This is the result - a blog about my new Human Shadow Priest - mightyreds on Dath'Remar, so new I haven't even logged on with her yet.

 I expect there will be quite a lot of screenshots as I follow the different gear throughout the levels.  She will be leveling with the help of heirloom items, currently purchased but not yet received.

Hopefully it is an interesting journey for everyone involved.