Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No priest news, but Warrior news instead

Well, so far I haven't managed to play with mightyreds any more than she already is.  One of the main reasons for this is that I want to get Rynaa up to champion status so I can purchase the heirloom chest piece.
However, I hate the tournament daily's.  It is just so grindy, and repetitive and after getting 3 factions up to the required level, I still have 1 1/2 to go.  Which should only be 7 or 8 days worth, but I just can't be bothered.

So last night, I logged on with Rynaa and did my heroic daily, then joined the queue for a few different raids.
Now as a casual player, I haven't done a lot of raiding, I've done some of the weekly raid quests, but not many yet.  This week our weekly on Dath'Remar is Lord Morrowgar.
I was looking forward to this so I could get into and see some of the new raid in ICC. Then it was just waiting and waiting to find someone who was wanting a group for this and wasn't wanting gearscore and achievements (I have no interest in gearscore, I have no idea what mine is and don't think I will unless someone explicitly tells me)

So after about 1/2 an hour I managed to get into a 10 man raid,  I flew out to the citadel and was waiting out there with a couple of others in the raid, just need 1 more healer and were good to go.
And I disconnect from the server, try to reconnect and it takes about 5 mins, and I'm disconnected before I can even get to the loading screen.
Restart my router, sign in again, finally get back in ... and I've been kicked from the raid.

So that was pretty much my night, I joined the LFR queues again, and kept looking at trade for groups but nothing come up in the next hour that I was on :(  oh well, hopefully I can get a group on Friday for it.

Here are some screenshots from Rynaa last week
My first (and so far only look at Toravon) I think it's the first time I've managed top 10 DPS in a 25 man raid

Finally got around to doing battle for the undercity, loving me some bladestorm

some glitch to get this easily, didn't realise you could cheat it like this
Finally got to 10, still got 2 to go for the 5 exalted alliance

Hope that everyone has a great time, until next time

Monday, February 1, 2010

so a week has passed

almost anyway, and I haven't really played much at all.

Had some illness in the family which curtailed that amount of time that I could play, however I have managed to get to level 12 as of last night.
So far not much happening, just continuing with my "rotation".
I did manage to get an authenticator and so have now got another pet :) to make 2 for my collection. 

Hopefully this will get more interesting as I go along, I should be able to start PVP soon, and also doing some instances, so I should get some stories from that.

till the next (infrequent) update

at level 8 and having equipped my heirloom gear

level 11 got some gloves and a new cloak.

Here is a pic of my current UI, not sure how long it will stay like this, really loving tourguide as a leveling addon.