Wednesday, March 31, 2010

filler post is filler

yeah, so not much happening here yet.

Mostly this is due to the fact that I haven't played mightyreds at all recently
This is due to a number of things, going on holiday and having no access to WoW, PvP on my warrior (and loving it) and now I'm in an arena team.

Have only played the first 10 matches, but we won 3 which I think is good for a n00b like me, and also playing teams that were rated 1300 due to my partners ratings in the 2's arena.
Looking forward to playing some more and hopefully getting better gear to help out the process.

The new random battleground feature is great for PvP, although I have noticed a tendancy to get AB and EotS so far, but it is new and shiny for me, and so much quicker to get into than a Random Dungeon.

next up I need to set up Gladius for the arena comp, and figure out what macros I need for it