Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PvP, it's the way for me

Well, Putrah is now a level 18 (and a half) rogue, who gained the last 2 levels almost exclusively through the BG system.
I've always been a keen PvP player, however I never really enjoyed Warsong Gulch (WSG) until now.
After entering in at level 16 and seeing the amount of xp you can gain in 1 winning battle (660xp alone for having the flag capped, I'm totally hooked onto using this to level through the medium to late stages of each bracket.

Here are the achievements that I managed to get yesterday

Also a couple of random pics of Putrah as he is now


  1. It only gets better the higher you get as well. AB is great because you get decent Exp throughout the fight as long as you have some nodes controlled.

    The big bad Exp hander-outer of all though is AV. If you want a fast, easy way to get yourself from 54-60 in just a couple of hours, go hit Alterac Valley.

  2. yeah I'm looking forward to getting to those higher BG's as well, esp AV was in the 70's when the xp gain first came in there, and was great way to get the extra levels :)